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Annie Oakley

Billy the Kid

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Hunting

Building the Railroads

Chief Joseph

Crazy Horse

Frontier Town

Frontier Woman’s Day

Gold Rush

Homestead Act


Iron Horse

John Deere

Law & Order

Levi Strauss

Log Cabins

Lumberjacks 1

Lumberjacks 2

Mountain Men

Oregon Trail


Pony Express

Sitting Bull


Texas Cattle Drive

The Mormon Trail

Trail of Tears

Wagon Trains

Wounded Knee Massacre



A lumberjack's job is to chop wood to make houses, burns, farms, and many other things. The states in America that have the most lumber are Maine, Oregon, Washington, and California. They were important because they needed to make houses with their logs.

Lumber Jacks Worked Hard

They came from North America. There are sports about lumber. There are some festivals for lumberjacks.

The Legend of Paul Bunyon

There is a myth in the regions up in the Northeast, told by a French Canadian "Bon Jean." Paul Bunyon was a big tall giant who lost his blue cow and when he went looking for it, his foot prints would make huge lakes. This is a legend because they kept passing this story down and Michigan is know for it's thousand lakes. He had a bushy black beard, wore a red cap and a plaid woolen shirt with leather boots that would go up to his knees. His blue cow was named Babe.

My topic affected Native Americans because first they cleared the land and the Native Americans used only the things that they needed. Then some lumberjacks had a sickness so then Indians would die because they did not have the cure.

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