Law & Order
By Alex L.

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Law & Order

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     It was called the Wild West for a reason. No one followed the rules. Criminals scared settlers, sheriff's, marshals and Texas Rangers began to protect homes and pioneers.


     The criminals were very bad people because they scared settlers, rob places, and kill people. If you were drunk or carrying a weapon in a public place it would cost you a fine. Serious crimes such as murder would have you hanged. Young people who commit crimes get protected by the Bill Of Rights differently. Billy the Kid was one of the biggest criminals ever and he never got killed in a gun-fight!

 People in the Court Rooms

     A court system slowly developed in the west. At first people like Roy Bean who was nearly 60 when he set up a court room in his saloon. The trial by jury replaced hangings ( the U.S. made a system with appointed judges.) Judge Isaac C. Parker was the most strict judge because he sentenced 160 people to death. This changed the U.S. because it protected a lot of pioneers.


     The badges showed the jobs of Marshals, Sheriffs, and Texas Rangers. The U.S. Marshal was responsible for the whole entire state. Like if there is a serious crime they would go. The protection of homes and pioneers is the Sheriff and deputies job. If someone ties to kill pioneers the Sheriff would come and save them. The Texas Rangers job is to enforce the law.

      Law and order is something great the Marshal's, Sheriff's and Rangers made. It will teach the outlaws a lesson and it can protect a lot of pioneers.

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