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     John Deere was a blacksmith that invented the first steel plow. The new plow is so much better because it ca easily rip through all the tough roots.

John Deere’s Life

     John Deere was a black smith that was born in Rutland Vermont. He was born on February 7, 1804. John Deere worked as a black smith. At the age of 17 he became a black smith’s apprentice.

The Invention

     John Deere was the person who invented the steel plow which so far is the best. This new plow was made of steel and was much bigger. Old plows were just a stick with a metal point. The steel plow completely replaced the older one because of its strength and effectiveness. His friend Leonard Andrus soon helped him sell the plows. This new plow reinvented the plow and helped farmers everywhere because of how easy it cut through all the thick roots.

His Affect on Today

     He started a company named John Deere that specialize in farming supplies. The company became one of the US's to selling stores. He named the company after himself. John Deere's company started in 1847 when he gave his old company to his friend Leonard Andus.

     John Deere affected the farmers very much. He gave them a plow that is ten times better than the previous. Today his company has all the out door supplies we will  need for gardening, planting and landscaping.


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