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Horses were very useful to the Native Americans & cowboys. They were used to hunt and for travel. Cowboys even used the horses for rodeos!

How they Used them to Hunt

The cowboys used them to catch steer, cattle, and calfs. They used them to catch up with the animal. They used a lasso to tie their legs to not get away. They also had a gun if the animal got away. If their prey runs away, they can get on their horse and chase them.

The Types of Horses

Some cowboys rode horses and some were fast enough to catch their calf or whatever it is they're trying to catch. One of the most popular horses were the Pinto because it was the most stylish. One of the most non-valuable was the appaloosa because is wasn't one of the most popular. The last one is the Mustang, cowboy's got this horse to catch prey faster. Some cowboys didn't care about how fancy and stylish a horse was.

The Cowboys

Some cowboys were in rodeos and some were outlaws. Cowboys in rodeos compete in competitions. They tried to catch a calf and then ride-e'm and throw-e'm. Outlaw cowboys got arrested and some got away. Some outlaw cowboys get put on a poster with a reward for dead-or-alive for $1,000 in gold coins.

The cowboy's way of life messed up the Native Americans way of life. They set up towns to live in and forced the Native Americans away.

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