Life of Frontier Women
By Khassandra

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Frontier life was very hard for the women. Every day the women have to work right when they wake up, and the work they do is very hard and very challenging.

Morning Work

The women had to wake up at dawn every morning to get everything ready for their families. The women milked the cows by hand. Just as important, they had to feed their their family. In fact they ate pancakes with molasses. Then the mothers had to feed the animals with their children. They would also tend the vegetable patch while the children picked apples.

Afternoon Work

In the afternoon, women had many chores. Some of the cow's milk was stirred up in a churn and turned into butter. It was not easy! Then they would make bread in their big stove. Next they wash their family clothes and hang them so they dry. Sometimes the mothers might sew their daughter a doll from scraps.

Night Work 

Frontier women had to make dinner for their family. After dinner they would tuck their children into bed. Then the women may patch their husband's overalls before he gets home. The women would invite friends over to help with the quilt.


Now you understand about a frontier woman's day. They had to wake up at dawn just to feed their family! Later in the afternoon they had to wash their family's clothes. At night feed their family and sew their husbands pants. It was a very hard life for the woman.

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