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Frontier Town

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A frontier town is a town that was developed by the setters who moved there. There were a lot of things things in a frontier town. In each town they elected a sheriff. Every town had its own cheats and conmen.

Things You Can Find in a Frontier Town

The west was full of boomtowns that seem to grow overnight. In 1874, the town was immediately overrun by cowboys and their herd of longhorn cattle. General stores sold everyday needs like food, tools, clothes, and lanterns. The  towns had doctors who sold medicines to help people.

Law And Order

The policeman often didn't have jails to hold the robbers or killers. Some of the robber's or killer's friends tried to help them out of jail with guns. The sheriff only had two or three men to cover the big area. 


It was hard for the settlers because they had to build stores, houses and stables. Over time, these small towns became a big town and some of these big towns became big cities.

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