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William Frederick Cody was a noted marksman and frontiersman and later he became a showman. In the theater his first show called "Wild West". He later started a new show called Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show which was in the U.S. and Europe.

The Life of Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill had a tough life. Buffalo Bill was born in Scott County ,Iowa in 1846.His father died when he was only eleven years old and then lived with his mother and his sisters. He got married and had one child. He died on January 10, 1917 in Wyoming.

Buffalo Bill gets a Nickname

William Frederick Cody was Buffalo Bill's real name. Buffalo Bill was a buffalo hunter who once shot 4,280 buffalo in 8 months. As a buffalo hunter he supplied meat for workers that were building a railroad. He had amazing skills with his rifle when he was a buffalo hunter. William Frederick Cody was then nicknamed Buffalo Bill.

Buffalo Bill the Showman

Buffalo Bill as a very successful showman. Ever since he was young he wanted to be a showman and run his own shows. He started to act dramas about the west. In 1883 he organized his first Wild West show. He was in a show with real Cowboys and Indians. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show was a successful show for over 30 years. Over the years the show prospered. But in 1915 the show was closed down because of  bankruptcy.


Buffalo Bill was remembered for his own show called the Wild West. This show was very successful. He was also remembered for his amazing skills with his rifle. Now you know the extraordinary life of Buffalo Bill.

image courtesy of http://us.history.wisc.edu/hist102/weblect/lec03/03_03.htm

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