Annie Oakley
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Annie Oakley

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     The famous Annie Oakley lived in a pioneer log cabin in Darke County, Ohio. Annie started shooting at age 6. As a young woman she was one of the best known professional game hunters in the country.

 Why and How Annie Oakley Started Shooting

     Annie Oakley started shooting to help people. Annie taught herself to shoot a gun as a young child. She started shooting to help feed her family on the Ohio frontier. Annie Oakley used determination to help perfect her shooting. Determination and concern for others were characteristics of Annie all throughout her life.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

     Annie Oakley preformed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Annie Oakley and her husband, Frank Butler, joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885. The show was billed as "The Peerless Wing and Rifle Show." Annie Oakley appeared first on the program after the "Grand Review." Annie would put her audience at ease with her skill with firearms, preparing them for the almost continuing shooting that would follow. She entertained audiences with her sharp shooting for 17 years. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show toured the United States and Canada. Annie Oakley stayed with the show through 1901, when she was seriously injured in a train wreck.

Annie Oakley's Gun Shooting

     Annie had a bunch of shooting tricks. One of  her tricks was to let two clay pigeons fly up into the air. Once the pigeons were in the air she would run up to a table with several guns. She ran to the table and sailed over it. As she landed on the other side she would grab a shotgun off the table and shoot the two clay pigeons in the air. Another trick was that her assistant  would throw five glass balls into the air. Within five seconds flat all five glass balls were shattered. Then the assistant held out a playing card, the ace of hearts. Within 25 rapid shots she knocked out every trace of the red ace of hearts. Some more tricks that she did was the assistant held a dime up between two of his fingers and Annie shot a hole right through the center of it. Then, Oakley picked up a knife and turned her back to her assistant. As he whirled a glass ball around his head, she looked in the knife's reflection and took aim. While holding the rifle backward over her shoulder, she fired and the ball burst into pieces.

     Annie Oakley was an amazing sharpshooter. She helped her family on the Ohio frontier. She preformed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and did many interesting tricks. Before she died, Annie melted all of the medals she earned and sold the gold and silver from them. She donated the money to a children's hospital. Annie Oakley was a very famous and talented shooter and is still remembered today.


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