Three Great Native Americans

Many Native Americans stand out as great heroes during this time in our nationís history. Osceola was a member of the Creek tribe. He demonstrated courage when he fought against Andrew Jackson when Native Americans were forced to leave their homelands by white settlers.

A Native American named Black Hawk was a Sauk of the Thunder clan. He was put in prison for going against the 1804 treaty, which had taken away all Sauk homelands east of the Mississippi River. When he was released from prison, he visited President Jackson. The President gave him a sword and a medal for his great leadership.

Another famous Native American was Sequoya who was a Cherokee. Sequoya saw how important reading, writing and printing were for the white people. He was able to invent an alphabet. In 1821 he gave his tribe the first Indian writing system north of Mexico which helped his people communicate with each other.



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