George Washington:
Father of Our Country

"My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth." 
George Washington

Peale's Porthole: Gustavus A. Eisen, Portraits of Washington, vol. II (New York: Robert Hamilton & Associates, 1932.)

We have been learning about George Washington. We learned he was a surveyor, a farmer, and a soldier. We learned that he led the colonists in the Revolutionary War. We learned that he was a very important man in history because he helped 13 colonies win their independence from Britain. He was known for his perseverance and determination. He led our young country in freedom, too. George Washington was a leader in war, but more importantly, he was a leader in peace. We hope we can teach you a little bit about this amazing man!

by Arjun, Barrett, Bella S., Eleni, Jason, and Olivia
2nd Grade - Pocantico Hills School 
2004 - 2005

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