George Washington Timeline Quiz

We created a quiz for you.  Give the questions  a try and see if you know the answer. Click and drag your mouse over the Answer Row to see if you are right!

In what colony was George Washington born?

Answer:                Virginia                           


What was George's older brother's name?

Answer:               Lawrence                       


When George was only 16 what job did he have?

Answer:                 surveyor                         


In 1759, who did George marry?

Answer:        Martha Dandridge Custis            


Colonists showed they were angry about unfair taxes from England by throwing what overboard?

Answer:        tea at the Boston Tea Party           


What river did George cross during a blizzard
to get to Trenton, New Jersey?

Answer:             Delaware River                     


Where did George spend the winter of 1777-1778?

Answer:        Valley Forge, Pennsylvania          


Who was George's first Vice President?

Answer:             John Adams                         


How many terms did George serve?

Answer:                     two                              


Where was the first capital of the United States?

Answer:        New York City             


What is the name of George's home in Virginia?

Answer:             Mount Vernon                          


President's Day celebrates whose birthday?

Answer:    George Washington & Abraham Lincoln    


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