South Dakota
by Ryan D.

South Dakota is a big and a new state. It is located in the western part of the north central region of the United States. South Dakota is surrounded by 6 states. On the north it is bordered by North Dakota and on the north eastern part it is bounded by Minnesota. To the south is Nebraska and Iowa. In the south western region it is bounded by Wyoming. On the north western corner it is bounded by Montana.

Hear are some facts on South Dakota. The climate of South Dakota is characterized with extremes of temperature, low precipitation , and low humidity. It is ranked the 16th biggest state. It is 245 miles north to south and 380 miles west to east. The population of South Dakota is 721,162. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre. Other big cities in South Dakota are Aberdeen, Rapid City, Madison, Water Town, Mobrige and Mitchel.

South Dakota has many interesting state symbols. Coyote is the state animal and the state insect is a Honeybee. South Dakota's colors are blue and gold. The state tree is a Black Hills Spruce. South Dakotas state bird is a Ring Necked Pheasant.

Hear are some facts on the land forms of South Dakota. In South Dakota there is a limestone plateau. The badlands are located in the South western part of South Dakota. Also the Badlands were shaped by the wind. The state of South Dakota is divided into eastern and the western halves by the Missouri River. So the Missouri River has to be in the middle of South Dakota.

There is a lot of history on South Dakota. Here is some history on South Dakota. The Verendrye brothers were the 1st white explorers in the 1700's. Gold was discovered in 1874. The "Great Dakota Boom" began in 1876. South Dakota became a state in 1889. In 1868 the Laramic Treaty gave the Black Hills to the Sioux. In 1876 the Black Hills were turned over to the settlers. In 1941 Mount Rushmore Memorial was finished. The carving was started in 1927. The faces on Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Aberham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt.

I am going to tell you about the recreational fun in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is one of their bigest recreational areas. Here are some others the Rocky Mountains, Badlands National Park, Corn Palace and Dead Wood Memorials are all places you can visit.

South Dakota has many interesting customs. A big custom is the Corn Palace. This is a celebration about all the corn they raise. Also there is a Rodeo in Deadwood. In the city of Spearfish there is a Black Hills Passion Play. At Hot Springs there is a Crazy Horse Pagient.

Many things are manufactured in South Dakota. A big thing they manufacture is jewelry made out of Black Hills gold. This gold is mined from the Black Hills.

They also manufacture a lot of butter and ice cream from the cows they raise so growing and raiseing work together.

There are a lot of natural resources in south Dakota. Some above the ground natural resources are soil, water, and forests. All of those help us grown plants and build houses. Some under the ground resources are mica, uranium and granite. Granite is used in making buildings all over the country. Gold and silver are also mined in South Dakota.

South Dakota grows and raises many different products. Many of the foods we eat are made from corn, wheat, soy beans, barley, and rye. Some of these are shipped to other states to be made into cereal and other foods. There are many sheep, pigs, and hog farms in South Dakota. These are used for meats to eat. South Dakota also has a lot of honeybees. These bees produce a lot of honey.

Well that was my report on South Dakota. It was fun to do the report. I have all the information you need. So when you are in 4th grade you have information to do a report on South Dakota.