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Maine is the most northern state on the main land. Maine is located in the northeastern part of the United States. Canada surrounds Maine on three sides and New Hampshire border it on the south. The Atlantic Ocean borders it is to the west. Maine has a humid climate with a moderate summer and a long winter. An average January temperature is 10 F and an average July temperature is 62 F. Maine rarely has tornadoes, storms, severe blizzards and hurricanes. Also Maine has an average rainfall of 43.24in.

Maine is ranked 39 in population and size. Its total area is 35,387 square miles. The capital of Maine is Augusta, but the biggest city is Portland. Portland is the most populated city in Maine. Maine has the most interesting and unusual seashore in the United States. The shore is miles of sunny and sandy beaches. One of Maine's most famous islands is Mount Desert Island it is described as "One of the most beautiful spots in the entire world!"

Maine has a lot of lakes, but the largest lake in Maine is Moosehead Lake, which is 116 square miles. Other large lakes are Chesuncook, Chamberlain and the Spednic Lakes. The Rangeley Lakes are in the southwestern part of Maine. They are one of the most popular vacation areas in Maine.

Maine has two nicknames, the Pine Tree State and Vacationland. Maine's state flower is the white pine cone, the state tree is the white pine tree, and the state bird is the Chickadee. Also, the state fish is the Landholder salmon, and finally the state insect is the honeybee.

Maine's history is very interesting. After the last ice age Native Americans first came to Maine. In 1604, the first French and England settlers arrived in Maine. In 1820, Maine which was originally part of Massachusetts separated from Massachusetts. In 1832, Portland was originally the capital of Maine, but it was changed to Augusta.

Maine's customs are the Whatever Festival and the Potato Blossom Festival. Also in Aroostook County people in school get 3 weeks off to help out with potato picking before the Potato Blossom Festival.

Some famous people from Maine are E.B White. He moved from New York City to Maine. He wrote for "The New Yorker" magazine and he was the author of Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and The Trumpet of Swan. Another Mainer is Smith Saw. He became an Ambassador of peace for Russia, at eleven! George Bush, our 41st president, spent most of his life in Texas, but he was born in Kennebunkport, Maine. When he came to visit Maine people hated it because there was gridlock and it was hard to get around Maine.

Some places to visit in Maine are Acadia National Park, which is Maine’s only National Park. Its total amount of area is 42,000 acres. Baxter State Park is in central Maine. It covers 200,000 Acres of land! Other places to visit are the Blaine house, which is the executive mansion it was built in 1820. Other places are Bar Harbor Portland and Old Portland.

Maine manufacturing included textiles, shoes, processed food, shipbuilding, and bottled water (Poland Springs).  The state is also famous for wood and papermaking.

The farmers in Maine grow potatoes, apples and Blueberries. Fishing is an important industry in Maine. Maine's fishing industry has improved since the colonial time. Dried and salted cod was Maine's principal export until it was overtaken by lumber. Maine fishermen catch lobsters, shrimp, clams, flounder and cod.

Maine's above ground natural resources are trees, crops, soil and water. Below ground natural resources are soil, clay and gemstones.

Maine is an excellent place to visit. It has many interesting places, relaxing spots and is rich in history.


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