Harriet Tubman Vocabulary Quilt Quiz

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If  you need help, visit our Vocabulary Quilt! Have fun and good luck! Class 2T, 2001

  1. A __________ was a person who was owned by another person.

  2. A slave who was trying to escape to the North was called a _________________.

  3. A ______________ was a large estate or farm in the South.

  4. The ____________________   ______________________ was an order signed by Abraham Lincoln that freed slaves in rebellious territories.

  5. Runaway slaves followed the ___________  __________ because it was the brightest star in the northern sky.

  6. The _________   ______________ is a constellation that points to the North Star.

  7. The ________________    _________________ was the code name that slaves called the Big Dipper.

  8. An _______________ made sure field slaves did their work on a plantation.

  9. Slaves called their owner  _________________.

  10. Many people helped runaway slaves escape to freedom on the __________________   ____________________.

  11. A ___________________ would guide runaways as they traveled on the Underground Railroad.

  12. A place where runaways could find food and shelter was called a ___________   _____________.

  13. A _____________ made from pieces of fabric was used to signal "all clear" to an escaping slave.

  14. Slaves sang __________________ to share information with each other.

  15. The northern and southern states fought during the _____________   ___________.

  16. When a slave escaped, a _________________ would search for him or her on roads near the plantation.

  17. Slaves were sold at an ______________.

  18. A person who did not believe in slavery and who worked to free slaves was an ______________________.

Word box:
Big Dipper
Civil War
Drinking Gourd
North Star
safe house
Emancipation Proclamation
Underground Railroad


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