Harriet Tubman Vocabulary Words

abolitionist - a person who did not believe in slavery and who worked to free slaves

anti-slavery- against slavery

auction- a place where slaves were sold

Big Dipper- a group of seven stars that form a bowl with a handle

Civil War- a war fought from 1861-1865 between the northern and southern states that brought about the abolition of slavery

conductor- a person who provided shelter for runaways and directed them where to go next

Drinking Gourd- code name the slaves used for the Big Dipper

emancipation- to free from slavery

fugitive slave- a runaway slave

master- the owner of a plantation was called this by his slaves

North Star- the brightest star in the northern sky

overseer- a person who directed the work of field slaves on a plantation

patrollers- men on horseback who guarded roads against escaping slaves

plantation- a large farm on which crops are grown

Quakers- a religious group, many felt it was their duty to help slaves escape to freedom

quilt- a blanket made from pieces of fabric sewn together, it was sometimes used as a signal that a station was safe

runaway- an escaped slave trying to make his or her way to freedom

safe house- a place where runaway slaves could find food and shelter

slave- a person owned as the property of another person

slave catcher- a person who earned his living by tracking escaped slaves, capturing them and returning them to their owners for reward money

spirituals- religious songs sung by slaves to lift their spirits and relay information

station- another name for a safe house

Underground Railroad- a secret network of people who helped runaway slaves escape to freedom