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Harriet Tubman
& The Underground Railroad


       The students in Mrs. Taverna's second grade class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York have been learning about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.  We read about Harriet.  We wrote about Harriet.  Mrs. Taverna and Mrs. Hongell, (our computer teacher), helped us write this web site to share with other children.  We created a timeline, we wrote a QUIZ,  we wrote some character sketches, we wrote poems about Harriet and we even made some crossword puzzles about Harriet Tubman for you to work on.  We hope you enjoy it. April 1998

Other Student Work

 More about Harriet

Editor's Note: Harriet Tubman's life has been the subject of many children's books. Since 2003 three biographical studies have been published which call into question many of our long held beliefs about Harriet's life. The editors of this site have attempted to correct the material presented here in keeping with these recent discoveries. We are certain that there will be additional discoveries as time passes and more historians delve into the life of this amazing woman. As new information becomes available we will attempt to keep up to date with the most current views.


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Underground Railroad!

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