Daniel's Review

The show was great. I like it. It was about the Freedom Train and a slave named Harriet Tubman. She got hit by a rifle and got a large scar. She was trying to sneak by the guard. He was the one who hit her. This part of the play happened in slow motion. It was my favorite part of the show.

I liked reading the book but I liked seeing the play more. I think it would be fun for other people to see because they will laugh at some parts and learn about slavery and Harriet Tubman.

At the end of the play the actors come into the audience. Everyone gets to see the actors up close. I liked this part because you see the real faces of the actors as they thank you for coming to the play. The End!


Nikki Philip Alex Nicole
Rachel Alisha Miranda Jonathan
Caroline Rajiv Sara Jennifer
Kara Himani Jaya Samantha Wi.
Nicholas AJ Daniel

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