I'm Trucking!

When I first started the truck I was having fun. I'm still having fun but in a serious way. The first thing I made was the front. Then I made the place where the driver sits. My friend Kira helped with the handle thing to open the driver's door. Then I made the wheels. (Mrs. Hongell really helped me with them.) The decorating came last. At first it was hard to decide what colors it should be. Then I thought about the circus. I did the animal delivery truck because I just went to the circus and people thought the animals weren't being treated well. So I made my truck in memory of the circus.
by Nadia



Alex Danielle Jordenn Noel
Alexander Erik Kimberly Omari
Alexandra Geena Kira Robert B.
Andrew Griffin Maggie Robert S.
Amanda Hayle Max Rose
Christopher Helene Michael S. Samantha
Dana Jennifer Nadia Sean
Daniel Joelle Nicole Staci


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