I'm Trucking!

My, "Elephant Belly," truck isn't a truck that carries elephant bellies. It helps people who own elephants have their elephants travel, to circus's or other things similar to that. We help carry elephants carefully to foreign countries or just other states. The Elephant Belly company even gives owners of elephants and their elephants a training. Then if an elephant owner needs to go just to a nearby town, they can ride their elephant there. Our truck can carry up to about six or seven elephants at one time. We DO NOT send the elephants by airplane. We will carefully drive to each Elephant Belly station, that we have all over the world, and safely pass the elephant over to the next Elephant Belly worker. They then slowly and safely load the elephant into the big truck. All of our workers love elephants so much. They took very hard tests on how much they really love elephants, and then another one on how well they will treat the elephants and how much they know about them. Lastly, they took a training course on how they will treat, feed, clean the elephants and they are trained to do lots more. If you can trust us with your elephant, it will come home looking better then how it looked when it came.

So just call our number and make an appointment and we will be there for you. Just think of us as an elephant baby-sitter.
by Dana



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