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Behind our school there is a trail. We studied the animals that live on the trail. On our first trip on the trail we saw deer footprints, animal hair, frogs and toads. Our teacher had lots of equipment for us to use. We had fanny packs for us to hold different books on animals and magnifying bug boxes, binoculars, tweezers, flower presses and magnifying bug boxes. We used the binoculars to see the pileated woodpecker. We saw a lady bug. We caught little tiny bugs in our magnifying bug boxes. We let the bugs go later. We used the tweezers the pick up bugs. We picked buttercups and tested to see if we liked butter. Then we put them in our flower presses. The last thing we did on each trip was to have a tick check. We hope you enjoy your trip on the trail as much as we did.

Trail created thanks to a grant from:
The George Candreva Environmental Center, Inc.
820 Pines Bridge Road
Ossining, NY 10562

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Created by Mrs. Fitzgerald's 1998 - 1999 Second Grade Class
Mrs. Fitzgerald retired a few years ago but you may
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