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There are about 40 different kinds of deer. They have antlers to fight predators. They can run very fast. In early spring two little knobs or buttons that appear in front of the male's ears. The knobs grow into clubs covered with dark furred skin called "velvet." After a few more weeks of growth the clubs branch and become antlers. The velvet peels off and leaves the hard white-branched antlers. Deer eat grass, leaves, buds, berries, bark, wild grapes, apples and acorns. Many are killed on the highways. The female deer weighs about 70-200 pounds and the male weighs about 400 pounds. The size of a deer is 3 - 3 1/2 feet from the ground to the shoulder. Deer are protected by dabbled coats that blend into the leaves of the forest floor.

by Sadia & Desiree, second grade, 1999

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