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The Buddha's Art of Healing
by the 5th grade classes at
Pocantico Hills School

During the fall of 1998, the 5th grade students of Pocantico Hills School were given the great honor of being asked to design a children's guide to an exhibit of paintings from Tibet. The exhibit, entitled "The Buddha's Art of Healing," will be traveling for over a year to museums in our country and other countries as well. They worked with Miss Ruth Weyland and Mrs. Terry Hongell to create this guide. The children studied about Tibet and about Buddhism in order to understand more about the art works in the exhibit, "The Buddha's Art of Healing." At each museum, children will be given the guide that we have created to help them understand and enjoy the show.

In order to make the guide the 5th graders had to learn a great deal about the country of Tibet, Buddhism, which is the religion of the country, and about Tibetan medicine. The paintings are medical paintings. They were painted to help in the training of doctors. If you examine the paintings you will learn a great deal about medical practices in Tibet. Study the paintings and read our guide and find out what is similar and what is different from our own tradition of medicine.

Buddhism is very important in Tibet and it is important in medicine as well. Buddha is the great doctor and you can find him at the center of the first painting. Buddha taught that a person should be in balance to have a healthy body, you must also have a healthy mind. A Tibetan doctor might advise you to change your diet, or your behavior. The medicines a Tibetan doctor prescribes are natural medicines made from plants, minerals and animals. Tibetan medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.

These paintings are part of a medical treatise of 76 paintings that were created in the 17th century in Tibet to illustrate a Tibetal Medical Atlas.   They were discovered in 1985, near Lake Baikal in The Republic of Buryatia, a Siberian province of the former USSR. 

On Saturday, November 7, 1998, the First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine was held in Washington, D.C. His Holiness the Dalai Lama opened the Congress. Physicians from all over the world gathered to learn about Traditional Tibetal Medicine and scientific research.

We would like to thank Mrs. Anna Souza
for asking us to be a part of this very special project.

We made Mandalas. A Mandala is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. "A mandala is a source of meditation that the Tibetans use to show your soul and trying to get to the center or to show the universe and everything that is in it." by Mariana

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