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For More Information on Tibet and
The Buddha's Art of Healing


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Tibetan Art
The Art of Exile - a photographic experience of very special children's art.

Photo Links
Tibetan Journey

Ulan Ude
Ulan Ude Guide   
Travel to Ulan Ude

Tibet Links
Lonely Planet map of Tibet
Tibetan Journey Visit this beautiful land of mystery and marvel.
Tibet House 
The Art of Tibet

Washington Post Links
The Washington Post - Photo Gallery
The Washington Post - Mandala Creation 1
The Washington Post - The Word in a Grain of Sand
The Washington Post - Monks on the Mall
The Washington Post - The Dalai Lama-"Beyond the Fad"
The Washington Post- A View from Tibet

tibtflag.gif (2735 bytes)Tibet Web Sites we used for Research:
Ed. Note: Sadly many of our original sources no longer exist.
These are the ones that remain.

Greatest Places -Tibet Page
The Government of Tibet in Exile
Tibet Online Resource Gathering
Tibet related web sites
Tibetan Travel
Tibetan Art Links
Tibetan Art
Home Page of Tibet

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