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Mrs. Taverna's Second Grade

Past Projects from Mrs. Taverna's Students

2006-2007 Projects:
Back to School Night Presentation
What We Want to Learn in Second Grade  
5W Penguin Poems 
A Listening Walk

2005-2006 Projects:
Using our Senses at Stone Barns 
Animals of Stone Barns in the Fall 
Sharks for Kids 
Penguin Question and Answer Book  
The Pony Express for Kids 
Spider Question & Answer Book

How to Put on a Play

2004-2005 Projects:
What We Want to Learn in Second Grade
Our Collections
5W Halloween Poems
Halloween Math Word Problems
Truck Math Word Problems
Shark Poems
George Washington: Father of Our Country

2003-2004 Projects:   
What We Want to Learn in Second Grade
Halloween Couplets 
Halloween Word Problems
Scarecrow Stories
Wright Brothers Poetry  
The Mitten- A Ukrainian Folk Tale
Wright Brothers Poetry
Harriet Tubman Timeline  
Charlotte's Web List Poems
All About Pigs

2002-2003 Projects:   
A Visit With the Pigs
What We Want to Learn in Second Grade   
Halloween Math Word Problems
2nd Grade Visits Hawaii
Truck Day 2002
Thanksgiving Leftovers
Nine in One GrrGrr
Freedom Train Review  
Meet the Wright Brothers

2001-2002 Projects: 
What We Want to Learn in Second Grade 
Count to Ten in Spanish
Gifts from the Heart
Mexico for Kids
Who Said This?

Spider Weaver

2000-2001 Projects: 
Halloween Math Word Problems
Our Teacher Moves In
Thanksgiving Leftover Word Problems
2T's How Tos
Ben Franklin: A Man of Many Talents
Harriet Tubman's Vocabulary Quilt

1999-2000 Projects:
Pumpkin Poems
Nine in One Grrr!
The Mysterious Tadpole
Poetry Contest Entries
Chapter Summaries from "Wanted Dead or Alive
Profiles of Harriet Tubman
Letters to Albany
Letters to Mr. David Rockefeller
John Davison Rockefeller, Sr.

1998 - 99 Projects:
Everything we want to learn in second grade
Our Thanksgiving Play
Halloween Math Word Problems
Our Pumpkin Poems
Letters to Jo-Jo about Hugging
Read our How To's
Check out our Idioms
Dear Daddy - Dear Sophie
Timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life
Poems about Harriet Tubman
Picture Book of Vietnam
Charlotte's Web

1997-98 Projects:
Advice for Jamaica
Advice for Ossie
Charlotte's Web Letters
Check out our Idioms
Everything You Need to Know About Second Grade
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for Children
Meet the Penguins
Read our Biographies
Read Our Play Reviews
Second Grade Memories

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