The Mysterious Bird
By Brandon

Bird.bmp (10962 bytes)Uncle McAllister went to visit Louis for his birthday. He brought a strange rock. Suddenly a crack appeared in the rock and a strange bird popped out. And Louis named the bird Birdon. Louis and Alphonse and Birdon became friends but Louis was worried that he might have to give one of them to the zoo. Then one morning Louis went to feed Alphonse and Birdon, but they were not there. They ran into the forest and they ended up near a cliff but Louis found them just in time. He knew that he had to do something. Birdon wouldn't stop crying because he was so lonely. He was getting bigger and bigger too. Just in time, Louis's dad got a new job. They bought a big farm and built a mansion with one part for Alphonse and Birdon. For his next birthday Uncle McAllister gave Louis a man eating plant.