Halloween Poems


5 W Poems
Each line in this type of poem answers one of the 5 W's. (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)

The frightful Headless Horseman (who)
Was after Ichabod Crane (what)
One dark Halloween night (when)
At the spooky graveyard (where)
Because Ichabod did not come to the palace. (why)
By Alina

Hairy werewolf (who)
Spooked juicy costumed creatures (what)
At 12:00 midnight (when)
In the Payne street grave yard (where)
Because it was a full moon and he wanted people candy. (why)
By Brandon

A zombie like mummy (who)
Was getting out of his coffin (what)
At midnight on Halloween night (when)
In the spooky museum
Because he needed to get some more tissue paper. (why)
By Patrick

One day a mummy (who)
Got out of its cage (what)
At 12 o'clock on the 31st (when)
At the scary house (where)
To scare people. (why)
By Matt

A happy vampire (who)
Went trick-or-treating (what)
At ten o'clock (when)
Down the block (where)
Because he wanted to get loads of candy. (why)
By Chris D.

My dad (who)
Went on a field trip with me (what)
On Monday night (went)
To a pumpkin patch in Maryland (where)
Because he wanted to make pumpkin pie for Halloween. (why)
By Jason

My family (who)
Wanted to carve pumpkins (what)
At 12:00 a.m. on Saturday (when)
At the graveyard (where)
Because the graveyard had the best pumpkins. (why)
By Ali

A wicked witch (who)
Cast a spell (what)
At midnight on Halloween (when)
At the haunted castle (where)
So other witches could come to help herb scare people. (why)
By Eleni

Frankenstein (who)
Smashed a hard granite rock (what)
At ten-o-clock at night (when)
In a spooky graveyard (where)
Because he was angry. (why)
By Nick

The three zombies (who)
Went to scare people (what)
On Halloween night (when)
In the dark graveyard (where)
Because it was fun. (why)
By Brendan

The silly witch (who)
Flew to get pumpkin pie (what)
At 11: 30 when it was almost 12:00 midnight (when)
At the witch's store (where)
Because the witch's store is only open at night. (why)
By Alexandra

The friendly witch (who)
Picked an orange pumpkin (what)
On Halloween night (when)
In the dark graveyard (where)
Because she wanted to carve a Jack-o-Lantern. (why)
By Linda

The live pumpkin (who)
Spooks little kids on (what)
Halloween night at the (when)
Spooky house (where)
To scare trick-or-treaters. (why)
By William

The hairy monster family (who)
Was creeping up to trick or treaters (what)
On Halloween night (when)
In the town of Sleepy Hollow (where)
Because they wanted to scare people. (why)
By Isabella

A hungry scary ghost (who)
Wanted to eat some delicious, good smelling Pumpkin Pie (what)
At midnight (when)
On Payne Road (where)
Because it was Halloween night. (why)
By Mike

A ghost pirate (who)
Searched for buried treasure (what)
Early in the morning (when)
Deep in the ground (where)
To lift the curse of the gold. (why)
By Melvin

The scream monster (who)
Cut off the Headless Horseman's pumpkin head (what)
On Monday night (when)
In the graveyard (where)
Because he wanted a jack-o-lantern. (why)
By Malik

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