Just in time for Halloween.
Try our Math Word Problems!

Mrs. Taverna's class created math word problems.  Give them a try and see if you can solve them. Click and drag your mouse over the "Answer row" to see if you were right!


There were 10 devils wearing sparkling funny hats at the disco. Then 9 more devils came to dance. How many devils were there in all? By Brandon

Answer:           10 + 9 = 19      


There were 10 Jedi knights from the good side and 10 Jedi warriors from the bad side and they started to fight. How many good side Jedis and bad side Jedis were there in all? 
By Austin D

Answer:              10 + 10 = 20   


There were 11 ghostly witches at a party. Then 9 haunted bats came along and trashed the party. How many witches and bats were there in all? By Austin T.

Answer:            11 + 9 = 20         


There were 10 monster goblins in a mansion. There were 9 vicious vampires in a haunted house. How many goblins and vampires were there in all? By Jack

Answer:              10 + 9 = 19            


There were 15 bleeding skeletons limping to the graveyard and 12 monsters came along to the graveyard. How many skeletons and monsters ended up in the graveyard? 
By Austin G.

Answer:           15 + 12 = 27          


There were 15 moldy pumpkins. 14 bony skeletons came along to the pumpkin patch!! How many are there in all?
By Kurt

Answer:              15 + 14 = 29        


There were 15 flying ghosts playing pumpkin volleyball against 4 flapping bats. How many ghosts and bats were there in all? By Chris

Answer:            15 + 4 = 19          


There were 11 black witches at the Halloween ball and 7 green witches came along. How many black witches and green witches were there in all? By Cara

Answer:             11 + 7 = 18          


There were 17 scary ghosts going to the store. Then 2 silly pumpkins came into the store too. How many ghosts and silly pumpkins were in the store? By Anita

Answer:            17 + 2 = 19        


There were 12 trick or treaters who came trick or treating as bears. 4 more came as pumpkins. How many in all came trick or treating? By Megan

Answer:            12 + 4 = 16          


9 bats were at a witch's spooky house. 8 more bats flew to the witch's spooky house. How many bats were at the witch's spooky house? By Alex

Answer:              9 + 8 = 17         


In Hogwarts School of Magic, Ann the young witch could magically make 3 objects fly with one swish of her wand. If she swished her wand 3 times how many objects would she make fly? By Cindy

Answer:            3 + 3 = 6           


There were nine blood - thirsty bats going to planet Halloween. Ten parachuting skeletons were going there too. How many bats and skeletons were there in all? 
By Marcelo

Answer:             9 + 10 = 19            


There were 7 vampires at the graveyard. 7 ghosts came to play. How many vampires and ghosts are there in all? 
By Elena

Answer:               7 + 7 = 14               


There were 5 spooky bats and 2 bony skeletons who came to frighten trick-or-treaters at the haunted house. How many were there in all? By Nick

Answer:              5 + 2 = 7              


There were 15 ghostly pumpkins sitting on a porch. 8 sleepwalking mummies came walking down the street to scare them. How many ghostly pumpkins and sleepwalking mummies were there in all? By Claire

Answer:              15 + 8 = 23           


There were ten crazy ghosts playing pumpkin baseball versus six spooky skeletons. How many spooky baseball players were there in all? By Aimee

Answer:            10 + 6 = 16