I stared stunned at the unusual and odd-looking scarecrow standing in the middle of the cornfield. Looking from a distance I spotted two of the tallest cornstalks. Suddenly the scarecrow caught my eye. He looked about the same size as the 2 cornstalks put together. As I was looking curiously I spied a little brown mouse nibbling at the scarecrow's short, straight, course, tan-colored hair. The rattling of pots and pans caught my attention. I looked in the direction of the loud commotion and saw a sunflower bandana. As my eyes traveled down the scarecrow's body, I instantly noticed his red and tan checkered shirt. As my eyes traveled lower down the scarecrow's body the rough denim blue jean pants came into sight. All of a sudden I heard the crackle of his newspaper stuffing. A very unexpected jingle came from his yellow bell ear. I gazed into the huge black pupils of his white eyes. As I looked at his eyes I also spotted a violet hat with a bow as red as a rose on his head. On his pumpkin face was a small red button nose and a jagged toothy smile. As a strong wind blew one patch fell off. Then I noticed that he was covered in patches and he would be for years to come.

By Cindy

Aimee Megan Brandon Anita
Elena Austin D. Austin G. Cara
Kurt Cindy Chris Marcelo
Alex Jack Nicholas Austin T.

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