I stared at the unusual scarecrow standing in the middle of the field. Looking carefully I noticed that he was every bit as big as a real person. As I walked past the scarecrow, I saw a picnic basket of fruit hanging from his hand. I was amazed by his silly looking pumpkin head. His carved out mouth had a row of rotting nuts for teeth. His googly eyes made him look cross-eyed. His triangle shaped leather hat was old and crackly but it looked good on his head. He had an old jacket with a patched scarf. Pie pans dangled from his pants to scare off birds. His hair was a mess of old yarn and old torn paper pieces. The scarecrow seemed happy standing in the field every day.

By Austin T.

Aimee Megan Brandon Anita
Elena Austin D. Austin G. Cara
Kurt Cindy Chris Marcelo
Alex Jack Nicholas Austin T.

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