I stared at the unusual scarecrow standing in the middle of the field. I couldn't help but notice that the scarecrow was about as tall as a cornstalk. I looked closely at him and saw that he was wearing a green and yellow jacket with heart shaped patches and lots of buttons. I walked up to him and touched his hair. It was as spiky and prickly as a porcupine. The scarecrow was made with wood, hay, and cotton balls. He had a happy mouth with rotten corn teeth. I was surprised to see he had four fat arms and five skinny legs. I was surprised by the rough feel of his green and yellow floppy hat and the black fringed scarf. Looking carefully, I noticed he had four eyes with black dots. Standing quietly, I heard little mice running down his sleeve. I jumped back and fell down. My heart started racing when I noticed that the crows were not scared of the scarecrow.

By Austin D

Aimee Megan Brandon Anita
Elena Austin D. Austin G. Cara
Kurt Cindy Chris Marcelo
Alex Jack Nicholas Austin T.

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