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Ms. Flannery
Social Studies


May 09, 2005

Welcome to Ms. Flannery's 7th & 8th grade social studies class.  Seventh and eighth grade students study American History.

American History-7th Grade

This course presents a chronological narrative of US history from the Native Americans to the roots of the Civil War. The year begins with a unit on the geography of the United States. The course focuses on skill development, including essay writing, primary source analysis and critical thinking skills. This course culminates in a school final exam.

American History-8th Grade

The course continues the chronological narrative of American History from the Civil War to the present day. There is also a continuation and refinement of the skill development begun in 7th Grade American History. The students are also introduced to the skills needed to answer and complete a document based question. This course culminates in a State Social Studies exam.


1998-99 Projects:
Civil War Diary Entries

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