A spider is an araneae, an order of arachnid. There are many thousand different kinds of spiders. All spiders have eight legs. Most spiders have eight eyes but some have fewer than eight. They don't have ears, they feel the sound vibrations with tiny hairs on their legs. Their bodies have two parts, the head and the abdomen. The abdomen is plump. Spider blood is light blue. Blood fills up all the empty space in the spider's body, it helps to keep the legs stiff so the spider can walk. Spiders breathe, too. As spiders grow, they molt. That means they shed their old skin and grow a new one. They molt many times before they become adults. Many spiders live for only one year but some, like tarantulas can live much longer. Spiders come in different sizes. Some are fuzzy and others are smooth, and they come in many different colors. Spiders live in many different kinds of places, water, gardens, houses, and the ground. They live where it is hot and where it is cold. They live where it is wet and where it is dry. Some are poisonous and others are not. They all eat insects and some other animals. Read more about some of our favorite spiders.

Web Weaving Spiders

Web Weaving Spider Quiz 

Non Web Weaving Spiders

Non Web Weaving Spider Quiz

Daddy Long Legs This arachnid is not really a spider, but some people think it is.



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