Salutations from the second grade students at Pocantico Hills School. We have been reading Charlotte's Web. Charlotte was a barn spider about the size of a gumdrop. We loved reading about her so much that we were anxious to learn more about spiders. We read many books, searched the Internet, talked with a naturalist from the Rockefeller Preserve and read letters from experts. We have all learned a great deal about spiders. We wanted to share what we have learned. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Mrs. Rollman & Mrs. Taverna's 
second grade students 2000-2001

A very special thank you to Cornell University arachnologist, 
Dr. Linda Rayor, for reviewing the children's work for accuracy. 

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If you are interested in finding out more about spiders, please visit the International Society of Arachnology or the American Arachnological Society. Both web sites are excellent sources for information about spiders and assistance identifying them. The easiest and most reliable book for identifying spiders is "The Golden Guide to Spiders and Their Kin" by H. and L. Levi (St. Martin's Press, ~$7). 

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