Non Web Weaving Spider Quiz

Not all spiders weave webs. Read the information on non web weaving spiders and then answer these questions.

  1. The wolf spider is different from other spiders because the mother carries her ________________________ on her back.

  2. The ____________ spider runs sideways like a crab.

  3. _______________ are very fast and can crawl across floors and walls at amazing speed.

  4. ____________ spiders are hunting spiders that chase their prey over grass and wait for them.

  5. _______________ spiders can jump 25 times their own body length.

  6. When the _______________ spider feels the vibration of it's passing prey it rushes out, it captures the prey and takes it in the burrow.

  7. The ____________ spider likes to roam the ceilings and walls looking for something to eat.



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