Brown Recluse Spider
by Nadia & Nicole

Our spider has a dull colored mark. It has a faint mark in the shape of a violin on its back. It is a web weaver. They live under rocks and fallen debris. They can also be found in attics, barns, and cellars. This spider has long skinny legs and is about one-half inch long overall. It has a poisonous bite. Another name for a brown recluse is "Fiddle-Back" because another name for a violin is fiddle and it has a violin shape on his back (get it?!) They only bite you when people accidentally press against their skin. In the United States this spider can be found southern and Midwestern states. They live a long time without food. Their web is small and loose made with irregular strands. They live in undisturbed areas. An adult brown recluse is about the size of a little fingernail or about the size of a dime.  

Story from a reader about being bitten by a brown recluse.

Picture of brown recluse spider

More information about the brown recluse


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