Fish Facts by 1S

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The dolphins say tweet, tweet, tweet. Dolphins are mammals. They must breathe air. The new baby must breathe air soon. His nose is on top of his head. It is called a blowhole.
by Nadia

Eels live in oceans and eels have sharp teeth. It's teeth help it eat fish and crabs.
by Erik

Sharks have sharp teeth. Sharks can make you shiver. Sharks have been around much longer than people. There are more different sharks than hammerhead shark.
by Alex

Seals live in oceans. A seal has strong flippers. The flippers help the seal to be a good swimmer.
By Wouter

Some fish can take to the air if only for short distances. The garfish skips along the surface using its tail like the propeller of an outboard motor. But flying fish really fly. They can skim above the water for nearly a minute and if there is a breeze they can reach a height of 10 to 20 feet.
by Max

A shark is a kind of fish. Sharks live in oceans. A shark can see in the dark. Some shark's eyes shine in the dark. A shark has many teeth. If a tooth falls out a new tooth moves into its place.
by Griffin

A squid has 10 legs. The biggest invertebrates are giant squids. They can be 73 feet long and weigh 3 tons. They have the biggest eyes -sixteen inches across.
by Kira

A starfish likes to eat clams. When a starfish wants to eat she will get on top of a clam. Starfish will pull on the two shells with her tube feet. She will pull the two shells apart. Then she will do a funny thing. A starfish has a mouth on the bottom of her body.
by Jordenn

Octopuses are funny looking creatures. They have eight arms and an eye on each side of their head. They have really good eyesight but they can't hear. Octopuses eat small crabs. They live on the ocean bottom.
by Hayle

A blue whale is the largest animal alive. It is about as long as two school buses. A baby whale is called a calf. When a calf is born, it knows how to swim. A calf drinks milk from its mother.
By Hayle

The brilliantly colored angelfish is actually well camouflaged. Its sharply contrasting stripes make the shape of its body hard for its enemies to see among the coral.
by Kimberly

A jellyfish stranded on the shore at low tide. It is a common sight on many beaches. Jellyfish float gracefully through the sea with their tentacles trailing. In some jellyfish the tentacles are long and thin and grow only from the edge of the bell. In others, thick frilly tentacles grow from the center and help to push food into it. Jellyfish eat sea creatures.
by Samantha

They are among the few truly deep-sea fishes. If there are lantern fishes about they will soon go after a light when they see one. They are small, most of them are 3-to-6 inches.
by Stacie

An octopus has eight long arms. It has small sucking cups on each arm that help an octopus catch its food.
By Amanda

This strange fish is a seahorse. It swims standing on its tail. The female seahorse lays her eggs in a pouch on the male's belly. When the eggs hatch, the baby sea horses come out of the pouch and swim away.
By Genna