We are good at weather and we are good at things.  The sun is up in the sky and it is shiny and it is hot.  I know about snow.  Snow is cold and it is lots of fun too.  We can playing the snow.  We can make things with snow.   We can make snowmen.  I like learning about weather.  I know about weather.  Weather can be cold, hot, warm and it can be just what the weather men or girl wants it to be.  I like learning about weather because I like to have fun with different weathers. by Stacey

We know about weather.  It can be sunny or snowy.  When it is cold I have to put on a jacket.  When it is snowy it is fun to play outside.  You can slide on snow, sled, build snow forts and throw snow balls. by David

We are learning about weather.  I ice when it is sunny.  Then I can go to the park.  Is could be sunny, rainy, cold or snowy.  by Peter

My class has been learning about weather.  When it is hot the sun is bright and yellow. by Kathryn

You don't know what kind of weather it is going to be.  Sunny, foggy, you don't know it might be rainy or cloudy or snowing.  I want it to be snow! by Marcello

An ice storm is dangerous because if you are outside it can come down and hit someone.  You would have to stay inside. by Vincent

My class is learning about weather.  I like to learn weather.   It is fun.  Sometimes it rains when clouds come together.  Sometimes thunder comes and it makes thunderstorms. by Arun

Thunder sounds very scary.  Thunder comes with some storms.   After a rainstorm puddles go back up in the air.  by Danielle

Wind is so strong it can almost blow a car.  There is wind all over the place.  I like the wind.  You can fly a kite when it is windy.  It can be windy when it rains.  The Weather Channel tells us what kind of weather it's going to be like today.  by Steven

You don't know what kind of weather it is going to be, sunny, foggy, snowy, rainy, or even a tornado.  You don't know when it is going to happen.  If hot air and cool air go together it makes fog.  When sun and clouds meet they make rain.  When rain ends it makes a rainbow.  If you are in a tornado run to the cellar.  Ducks like rain.  by Kevin

I know that hail is very dangerous.  I like summer because it is very hot.  Sometimes I go to the beach.  When it is a hot day I don't have to wear my coat.  I like winter too. by Sanjana

We are learning about weather and what we know about weather is that the sun is in the sky.  It is hot when the sun is hot.  When it rains we don't go out because we don't want to get wet.  Clouds are up in the sky.  Clouds are white clouds and can be squiggly.  The clouds can move.  by Jenna

There are many kinds of weather.  Let me tell you how clouds form. Water from lakes, rivers, seas and oceans and things like that rise then they go into the atmosphere. (The atmosphere is the air around the earth.) Then they go close to each other then it forms a cloud.   I will now tell you how it rains and how we get thunder and lightning.  Rain happens when the clouds cannot hold all the water so is rains.  For thunder and lightning happens when the clouds rub together then you have thunder and lightning.  by Elizabeth

When hot and cold air mixes together a storm is made.  When it is raining we need a rain jacket.  by Jennifer

We are learning about weather.  I like nice weather and I like the summer and I like lightning and thunder.  I like to swim and play outside and play hockey in the summer.  I like rain and windy days too.  When it's cold I have to put on my jacket.  Wind and clouds make the weather.  by David

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