by Saroja

There are many places to visit in China. To start with, I would like to explore the city of Shanghai. TheYuyuan Garden would be a fabulous adventure! The astonishing garden has more than 40 attractions. This garden has buildings with calligraphy and paintings of famous artists.

An amazing site is the Himalayan Mountains. One of the best things to see are the wild flowers that will catch your eye. Many flowers have great colors of the rainbow. Also, there are many great treasures of the forest called orchids. One of the colors is gold. This flower is an air flower called an epiphyte. Ferns there come in all sizes. There are chipmunks and monkeys in the forest. Higher up the fabulous mountain, there are yaks that like to run around and mules that help transport things.

Additionally, I think an interesting thing to see would be the Great Wall of China. Its architecture is more than a thousand years old, so itís ancient. The distance it covers is from the East of China to the West. Over 1,000 workers built the wall. This has saved China from being hurt from the Mongolians. The wall is made from stiffed, dry, strong dirt and parts of earth. Millions of people were dragged and forced out of their homes by the emperor to build the adventurous wall.

As one can see, China is an astonishing place to visit. The city of Shanghai is full of adventures! Also, the great wall has lots of beautiful architecture. I hope to travel there one day.


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