Places to Visit in China
 by Owen

There are many places to visit in China. To begin with, I would like to visit the city of Beijing. In the center of Beijing is the Forbidden City. It is dotted with museums and almost all of the buildings have yellow roofs. One former part of the Forbidden City is Tiananmen Square. This giant square is where thousands of peaceful university students were protesting for democracy and were killed by Chinese soldiers. If you are an animal person, you should definitely visit The Beijing Zoo! It is home to thousands of animals including the Giant panda.

Another place to visit in China is the Himalaya mountain range. With its huge variety of strange and exotic flowers that are especially adapted to the harsh conditions. The Himalaya Mountains are awesome. Take for example a cousin to the thistle. This plant uses a large dome over its flowers to protect them from the cold weather. Many of the flowers have something like fur on them to protect them from the cold; a lot of them have large petals to attract bugs. Because of this, the Himalayan Mountains are probably the best geographical feature to visit in China.

Finally, there are the Terracotta Warriors. It is a large army of clay warriors ready for battle, complete with generals on chariots. The clay warriors have weapons of all sorts. Seven thousand slaves were all forced to work thirty-six years to make it. The emperor who ordered the construction of the Terracotta Warriors was the emperor Quin Shi, in an attempt to protect him from his enemies in the after life.

So you can see, it would be great to visit China. Beijing, the capitol of China, the Himalayan Mountain with its dense rainforest, and the terracotta warriors that has its amazing clay formations are all awesome sights to see.



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