Places to Visit in China
By Maggie

     There are many places to visit in China. To start with, I would like to explore the city of Beijing; in it will be great to see The Forbidden City. It will be amazing to see the world’s largest palace complex. Also, all of the artifacts and other ancient objects will be awesome! Another place I would like to explore around is Tiananmen Square. For example, it is the worlds largest public square, also it’s said to hold about one million people. In Tiananmen Square there was a killing in 1989. Peaceful College students were protesting for democracy and the soldiers shot many of them.

     Also, I would like to visit the Himalayan Mountains. At the bottom of the mountain there’s an amazing rain forest. It has humungous trees that are taller than other trees! Another reason, is once you get to the middle of the mountain there are the most awesome plants in the world! They have vivid color. Some of the flowers have flowers growing in them or on them. Some of the plants are only found on the Himalayan because of the freezing temperature and less oxygen.

     Another place to visit is Tibet. It is a huge plateau surrounded by the world’s highest mountains. Tibet’s nickname is the "Roof of the World". Since 1951 Tibet is claimed to be part of China. But Tibet would like to become their own country! In Tibet there is a palace called Potala Palace which is where Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama lived. So you can see, China is a great place to visit. Beijing has many cool places in the city. It would be amazing to climb the Himalayan Mountains, and to explore Potala Palace.


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