By Jon

     There are many places to visit in China. To begin with, I would like to explore Hong Kong. I could go to Ocean Park. It has an aquarium and fourteen rides! In the aquarium there are jelly fish and sharks as well as more then 2,000 fish! Another example is Victoria Peak. Itís a very big mountain and you can see a lot of cool things.

     Another place I would like to visit in China is the Himalayan Mountains. There are cute animals in the rainforest at the foot of the mountains. My favorite is the monkey, because they are good at climbing. Another reason to visit the rain forest is the tall trees and interesting plants. In addition, I want to see the lovely flowers. I want to see how attractive they are.

     In addition, I would like to see the Terracotta Warriors because of how ancient they are. These statues are life size pottery figures of warriors in battle formation.

     As you can see, China is a great place to visit. Ocean Park sounds like itís amazing. The Himalaya Mountains are the biggest mountains in the world! Terracotta warriors would be cool to visit because they are all different. I would love to see China someday!


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