Hong Kong
By Ethan

There are many places to visit in China. To begin with I would like to explore the city of Hong Kong. Victoria Peak sounds like a blast! There is a mall with about 26 escalators. I went to the top and saw almost all of Hong Kong. Ocean Park is beyond cool. On the water ride, Raging River, youíll get soaked! Space Mountain is awesome because you feel like youíre in space. The fishing village is amazing, and the food tasted great.

Another reason I want to visit China is to see the Himalayan Mountains. I would like to see the beautiful valleys. I hear the flowers are pretty! They are so high I donít now how they live up there. Below the mountains are beautiful rainforest. Even though it is so hot there I want to live there.

Another reason I want to visit China is The Great Wall of China because it is a huge tourist site. The view is astonishing. The mountains are so huge The Great Wall goes all over them. I hear that it takes 2 days to walk across!

So you can see Hong Kong, The Himalayas, The Great Wall are all great places to visit in China. Even though I have already been there, I look forward to going there again.


Mrs. Sbarra's Class  |  Pocantico Hills School


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