Hong Kong
By Charlotte

There are many places to visit in China. To start with, I would like to visit the city of Hong Kong. Victoria Peak has a spectacular view, but you have to be super-rich to live there. Iíd love to see Ocean Park and browse around it. It has fun rides and an aquarium with fish of all kinds. The Giant panda exhibit is a great feature in China. You see Giant pandas and learn a lot about them. You learn that they are endangered and love bamboo.

Another reason Iíd treasure going to China is the amazing Himalayan Mountains. It has a fantastic view. I would love to see all the gorgeous flowers. Its vivid flower attracts my attention. But its treacherous avalanches, vicious winds, freezing temperature, and lack of oxygen frighten me. The climbing is exciting, but terrifying. You can ride an animal or walk on foot. I hope one day Iíll see the beautiful mountains of China.

In conclusion, Iíd love to go to China. The Great Wall is a famous site and place to visit. I think I could never succeed the walk of the Great Wall because I canít walk 4,000 miles! Now on to the views. Theyíre amazing! Itís almost to good to be true! The mountains, WOW! Deserts like the Gobi Desert are great features and views from the Great Wall are spectacular. So as you can see, I hope Iíll go to China and have an adventure of a lifetime!


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