Under the Rug
by Charlotte

One afternoon on Wall Street, a man named Roger was reading a book. All of a sudden, he heard a loud CRASH downstairs. He sprang out of bed and raced downstairs. He stopped dead silent, not a sound was heard in Roger's house. Some creature was scurrying under the rug. He was scared to the bone. Suddenly, all of his lights flashed on and off. He grabbed a chair and hit the bump hard. Then the lights turned back on. He was relieved. Two weeks passed and it happened again. Roger heard the sound again and dashed like lightning down the steps. Then he saw his rug lift up and in a wink of time it dropped. He was curious to look and picked it up. There he saw a trap door. His mouth dropped open. "What in the world?" he thought. Then he tried to open it, but the door was locked. Where is the key? He wondered. Suddenly, the door creaked open magically. He shivered with fear, but something caught his attention. He heard a small voice whispering creepily, "Come down."  He couldn't resist it and went down the steps. The steps creaked as he stepped down the stairs. Then he finally got to the pitch black hallway and scared as could be, he walked on. Suddenly, he bumped into a mysterious creature. He gasped. There before him was a real live ghost. Then, his heart came to a stop.

To be continued...

Alyssa David Saroja Emma
Maggie Kelly Deaglan Owen
Jonathan Michael Andres Lori
Amelia Ashley Charlotte Ethan

Mrs. Sbarra's Class  |  Pocantico Hills School


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