by Ashley

There are many places to visit in China. First, I would like to explore Beijing. While Iím exploring I would like to see the Beijing Zoo. The Beijing Zoo sounds very intriguing because I would enjoy seeing the wonderful animals, like giant pandas, red-crowned crane and the giraffes.

Another reason to go to Beijing is the Forbidden City. I would like to go there because it has 8,707 rooms.

One more example of an interesting place in China is the Himalayan Mountains. It would be awesome to go to the rainforest at the bottom of the Mountain. I would like to see the spectacular flowers. Another great thing to see is the wonderful yaks that wander around the great mountain.

Last, I would like to admire the Terracotta Warriors. I would like to see them because of the 70,000 unique warriors. What really amazes me is that the warriors are all different. It is really cool that they are life size.

In conclusion, China looks like a great place to visit because you can go to the wonderful city of Beijing, the Himalayan Mountains, and see the Terracotta Warriors.


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