Places to Visit in China
By Alyssa

There are many places to visit in China.

To begin with I would like to visit the city of Hong Kong. To see a good view, you should go to Victoria Peak. Ocean Park sounds like a great place to have a good time. They have a panda exhibit and four-teen rides.

The Himalayan Mountains would be interesting to visit. Cute animals live up in the mountains like monkeys and pandas. Beautiful plants are on the mountain sides. For example there are spectacular blooming wild flowers. Tall trees tower over the ground. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

Finally, I would like to visit the Terracotta Warriors. It sounds interesting to visit because each statue looks different. Over 7,000 of them were built. They are over 2,000 years old. They were built to defend Quinshihuang’s tomb.

As you can see China would be a great place to visit. Hong Kong sounds fun, the Himalayan Mountains looks adventurous, and the Terracotta Warriors seem interesting. I wish I can go there one day!


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