Writing poetry is fun to do,
Choosing fonts is exciting too!

By Aimee

My brother is six years old.
Never does what he is told.
He is very kind.
But he is very hard to find

By Luke

He wears a red suit with puffy white trimmings.
His eyes are twinkly marbles.
He comes on a sled while you're in bed.
His rosy cheeks are deep red.

By Austin D.

There is a lot of sacking.
There is a lot of tackling.
Play with your friends and make it fun.
You won't be the only one.

There are a lot of teams.
The Packers nickname is the Cheese Heads.
They work out to get strong.
The football players always get along!

Halloween Fun
By Cindy Du

Halloween is scary fun.
Better buy candy for every one.
Ding! Dong! Hello Trick or treat!
Everyone wants candy to eat!
Each costume is different
Not one is the same.
They are like fingerprints
Or a person's last name.
Look there's a clown who looks funny
I saw a little baby dressed as a bunny
A homemade costume is the best
More original than the rest

Christmas Morning
By Beni

Christmas is a holiday with snow.
You might want your tree to have a bow.
Watching you find gifts next to the tree.
Christmas is happy as happy as be.

By Jack

Orange pumpkins on green vines,
Growing all in straight lines.
Picking them is lots of fun,
Especially in the sun.
I make jack-o-lanterns glow at night,
Big angry eyes shine very bright
Eating pumpkin pie in my house,
Everyone likes it even our mouse.

By Brandon

Leaves changing in the fall chill,
Children jumping in them all.
Weather is getting cold
All the sweaters have been sold.
Leaves falling from the trees,
Blowing wildly in the breeze,
Winter is coming soon,
Earlier we will see the moon.

Skinner and the Vampire
By Austin G.

Skinner is an invisible man,
He puts stuff on his face from a can,
He saves the world from destruction,
And he's in the news when he's done.
Once a vampire helped Skinner fight,
And the vampire will use all her might,
The vampire sucks blood,
And in her stomach will have a flood.

By Rachel

If you see the colors turning red,
If you fell the breezy wind,
If you hear the geese squawking south,
Then you know that it is fall.

Watching baseball games on TV,
Reading books about history,
Seeing a teacher named Mrs. Shaul,
Then you know that it is fall.

The Magnificent Tennis
By Jahliyah

Tennis, oh Tennis,
Fun to play,
When you're outside,
On a beautiful day.
Hitting the ball,
With good aim,
Will make you get better,
On your very first game.

Mount St. Helen's Explosion
By Tong

On a sunny day Mount St. Helen blew.
An explosion knocked off a huge piece or two.
Many animals lost their lives.
Some people got hurt and died.

The lake near it was dried up.
Many people weren't allowed to go up.
The mountain was 1,200 feet lower.
Many people decided top go slower.

Birthday Parties
By Anita Manimala

I like to give out goody bags.
I also like to play with clay.
Sometimes people wear rags.
But I cannot wait until May.
I like to play with my cat named Trolly.
And I have a cousin named Molly.
I like to put streamers on my cat.
But she like's to roll on the mat.

By Liam

Trick-or-treating with my friend.
Lots of scary costumes around the bend.
Eating candy yum! yum! yum!
Sometimes the costumes are really dumb.
Sometimes the people give me candy.
I trick-or-treat with my best friend Andy.
Beware of getting a fright.
And remember to bring a flashlight!

By Chris

Halloween is fun and creepy.
Hearing screams and trick-or-treating.
Little kids dressed up as ghosts.
Getting back home and starting to boast.

By Javan

Halloween night is here,
Time to be full of fear.
Dressing up to get a scare,
Watch out and beware.
Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls,
Staying out late is only for fools.
Have a safe Halloween night,
And if you want hold your parents tight.

By Tarun

Recess is a lot of fun on the ground.
Recess has a lot of sound.
Recess stays for a long time.
At 12:49 the clock starts to chime.

By Lila

Trees turning colors all around,
Birds' flying with beautiful feathers,
Roasting marshmallows over crackling fires,
While wearing warm sweaters.


Mrs. Sbarra's Class  |  Pocantico Hills School

created 10/03 by Terry Hongell