Haiku Poetry by 3S

Mrs. Sbarra taught us about Japanese poetry called Haiku. Haiku has three lines. The first and last line have five syllables and the middle line has seven syllables. We worked very hard writing our own Haiku. We hope you like it.

by  Brainna, DJ, & Melissa

The pleasant garden

Always mighty beautiful

Flowers are so nice

By August, DJ, Elizabeth,

and Matthew


Colorful spring skies

With a blue jay on a nest

Warming precious lives

By Brianna


Birds' soft feather's fly

In the winter's blue sky

To its home brown branch

By Gabriela


Mother bird of blue

Pecking in the tree for food

Gathering the feast.

By Nicole

 Flying in the sky

Robins build their special nests

Waiting for their eggs

By Kazia


Birds so beautiful

wings gleaming in the sunshine

that they make you cry

by Elizabeth


Birds at the feeder

Staying for the long winter

Eating all the seeds



On a snowy day,

Up in a tree lays a nest,

With a baby bird!!

By David

White snow falling down,

Onto the trees and green grass

Covering the world

By Brianna, Melissa, Michael, and Ray


Blue jays in the night

Flying through the gleaming sky

Looking for their nest.

By Chetan


Singing lovely songs,

Flying south in the winter,

Colorful feathers.

By Michael


Kangaroos hopping

Near the glittering water

In the shining dawn

By Alisha, Chetan, David,

and Kazia

A bird in a nest

Trying to hatch two white eggs

Surrounded by leaves

By Alisha


The beautiful birds

Fly in the sky very high

In the moonlit night

By August


Shining birds singing

with the sunset behind them tweeting a nice song

By Matthew


Birds fly over me

In the wind the branches click

Sounds like deer playing

By Ray

Soft snowy bunnies

Hopping along winter's ground

So calm and fluffy

By Gabriela, John, and Nicole


Birds landing on trees,

Cardinals singing everywhere

Nesting until dawn

By Melissa

Mrs. Sbarra's Class  |  Pocantico Hills School