Just in time for Halloween.
Try our Math Word Problems!

Mrs. Rollman's class created math word problems.  Give them a try and see if you can solve them. Click and drag your mouse over the "Answer row" to see if you were right!


There are 10 flying black bats playing batball. 10 creepy jack-o-lanterns come along. How many are in all? By Asma

Answer:           10 + 10 = 20         


There were eight bloody vampires and nine slimy, gooey, crawly, trolls on Halloween night. How many creatures were there in all? By Asa

Answer:              8 + 9 = 17              


There were eight terrifying gravestones in a graveyard. Four coffins in front of them. How many coffins and gravestones are there in all? By Cole C.

Answer:            8 + 4 = 12         


There were 4 spooky Frankensteins playing 
Franky Football. 3 more joined the game. 
How many of them are playing now? By Cole D.

Answer:              4 + 3 = 7            


There are 10 slimy rats creeping in a scary hunted house. 10 more slimy rats came along. How many came in all? By Bella

Answer:           10 + 10 = 20          


There were 8 pink, furry, trolls at the gravestone. 12 cackling witches came flying by. How many trolls and witches are in all? By Jordyn

Answer:              8 + 12 = 20        


One spooky creepy night there were 8 terrifying bats playing soccer. 8 bloody vampires came to play soccer too. How many are there now? By Barrett

Answer:            8 + 8 = 16          


There were ten spooky slimy ogre bloody Frankesteins playing booball in the graveyard. Ten more crawly skeleton hands came along. How many creatures are there in all? By Robert

Answer:             10 + 10 = 20          


There were ten bony skeletons playing skeleton ball. Six of them gave up. How many skeletons are there now? By Jacqueline

Answer:            10 - 6 = 4           


There were 5 bloody flying bats. Two Frankensteins came to play with them. How many Halloween creatures are playing all together? By Phillip

Answer:            5 + 2 = 7             


There were four spooky black foxes in a haunted house.
8 more spooky black foxes crawled into the house.
How many are there in all? By Joshua

Answer:              4 + 8 = 12         


There were six gooey Bunyips. A Bunyip is a swamp monster in California. Each Bunyip ate a brown, black, and blue buggy bug. How many muddy buggy bugs are in all the Bunyips tummies altogether? By Arjun

Answer:          3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 18     


There are six haunted ghosts and four dumb Cyclops on a moon lit Halloween night. How many are in all? By Jackson

Answer:             6 + 4 = 10            


There were 11 slimy ogres playing ogre baseball. 6 bloody vampires joined in. How many are there in all? By Chris

Answer:               11 + 6 = 17               


There are 9 spooky ghouls in the haunted house.
10 vampires came along. How many in all? By Billy

Answer:              9 + 10 = 19              


There were six slimy junk monsters. Three rose up from the swamp and then ten more dreadful junk monsters came. Now there's no more room in the swamp. How many creepy creatures are in the swamp now? By Olivia

Answer:              6 + 3 + 10 = 19           


There were ten creepy crawly werewolves playing blood tennis. Then seven more came. How many were there in all? By Domenic

Answer:            10 + 8 = 18        


Three slimy bats are jumping. Two more spooky bats 
join in the fun. Then two more black bats came along. 
How many are there in all?  by Elena

Answer:            3 + 2 + 2 = 7