I collect shells from the ocean, sea, and the beach. I collected shells because one of my favorite places is the beach. I also collect them because I go to the beach a lot. I started collecting shells when I went to India, which was one year ago. I started collecting shells from a beach in Kumbakunum, which is in India. I found a spikey shell there. My big sister Jaya almost stepped on it in her bare feet. It is one of the best shells in my shell collection. I collect other shells too. I also collect pictures of fish and other kinds of things from the ocean and the sea. Once we went on a ship and my dad went scuba diving!!! He took an underwater camera with him so he could take pictures of things under the ocean. He saw a shark but he didn't get to take a picture of it because it was to fast. Luckily, he didn't get bit by the shark. We saw dolphins jumping out of the water.

By Arjun

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